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Business Surveys

This video describes why business surveys are conducted by the Statistical Office, the importance of businesses providing the required data and how the results from these surveys will assist in designing appropriate policies.

Enhanced Country Poverty Assessments

This video provides a detailed description on the importance of conducting the Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment to identify the poor, establish poverty lines and determine the possible dimensions of poverty.

Household Surveys

This video explains the significance and benefits to be derived from conducting surveys such as the Labour Force Survey, Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budget, Multiple Indicator Cluster, Health and Wellness Surveys, etc

St. Vincent and the Grenadine's Trajectories, 1980 - 2015

This video showcases some data collated by the Statistical Office from as early as 1980. It points to the progress made in social and economic development in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines from 1980-2015.

Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgets (SLC-HBS)

This video illustrates an outdoor scene where an Enumerator representing the Statistical Office explains that the Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budget will provide information to better understand how people live, how they are surviving and what assistance is needed to improve their standard of living.

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