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Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgets (SLC-HBS)

The Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgets (SLC-HBS) ask questions about the spending patterns of residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The survey looks at how much money households spend on various items such as clothing, housing, entertainment, health, car repairs etc. The survey also looks at the quantity of food purchased, received as gifts and consumed by households.

To understand living conditions and how best to improve the lives of all residents, information about age, sex, fertility, employment status, social protection and education are also collected.

Your participation in the 2018 SLC-HBS is necessary in order to create a complete and accurate picture of the situation in all areas of the country. Your response ensures that households of different characteristics are well represented in the survey results and in the decisions that are made using those results.

For more information about the survey contact the Statistical Office at telephone: 1 784 457-2921 or visit our Facebook page.

Play your part and participate in the 2018 SLC-HBS!

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