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Labour Force Survey

The main purpose of the Labour Force Survey is to measure the size of the economically active population, with the view of providing guidance in the formulation and implementation of labour-market policies and programs.

Other factors include:

• Assessing levels of unemployment in the country so that job creation efforts could be accelerated.
• Measuring the size of the employed population both in the formal and Informal sectors.
• Measuring income levels among Paid Employees, Self Employed and Employers.
• Provide employment estimates by occupation, industry, status in employment and much more.

The harmonised OECS Labour Force Survey is undertaken by the National Statistical Offices of the various member states to collect socio-economic data from persons in randomly selected households across the region.

The survey collects data on demographics characteristics, education and training and information on those employed, unemployed and those classified as economically inactive or outside of the labour force. The target population is the population fifteen (15) years and older.

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