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Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment Project (eCPA)

The Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment (eCPA) which is a qualitative and quantitative study of living conditions, was launched on February 13th 2018. The eCPA is the only study which provides detail information on the levels of poverty and vulnerability in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The eCPA is comprised of five (5) components.

  1. A joint Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budgets (SLC-HB), began in March of 2018 and concluded in January of 2019. The SLC-HB is the main quantitative assessment that generates indicators of poverty and vulnerability.
  2. A Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA), began in October 2018. Work on the PPA is ongoing and is expected to be completed by August 2019. The PPA provides a qualitative focus of poverty from the perspective of specific groups of persons within the population. The findings of the PPA largely supplement and validate the quantitative analysis provided by the SLC-HB
  3. The Institutional Analysis (IA), assesses the effectiveness of social development programs and projects implemented by government agencies, private sector organizations and civil society organization, that deliver social services.
  4. The Macro-Socio Economic Assessment (MSEA) evaluates the global, social and economic policy environment that sets the context for the country’s poverty situation.
  5. The Poverty and Vulnerability Mapping (PVM) exercise is a new component. It provides a set of tools and techniques for compiling maps and spatial analysis of poverty and climate change vulnerability indicators, such as exposure to hazards, and the spatial relationships of households to key infrastructure including hospitals, schools, and transportation networks. The PVM complements the other components by enhancing the value of data collected in those assessments.

The information compiled from the CPA can be used for the following:

o To report and track progress with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
o To formulate and implement national policies and poverty reduction strategies that address the conditions of the poor;
o To provide information to guide the design of projects and the provision of services that target poor and vulnerable groups;
o To guide macro-economic policies such as tax policies and subsidies;
o To generate donor resources for the country.
For more information about the Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment, contact the Statistical Office at telephone: 1 784 457-2921 or visit our Facebook page.

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